Horrorcore Hip-Hop legend Q-Strange Returns With Two New Wicked Singles!

Who all remembers  back  over twenty years ago when  the Rhode Island horrorcore hip-hop legend Q-Strange was at the top for most downloads through MP3.com?! And when his lyrical vivid  rhymes schemes   used to scare the shit outta the underground within the classic records “Decayed Thoughts”  “Creation To ExeQtion (The Audio Biography Of A Serial Killer) and “Strangeland”?! We here at Faygoluvers.net are super stoked that Q-Strange has decided to crawl back from the underworld and drop two new bangers during this pandemic! TWe’re talking about the new fresh murderous  tracks “Die Pig” & “The Bad Man”.  Hopefully we see Q fully return to the underground. But for now just enjoy these two filthy tracks! The underground don’t deserve it, but we appreciate the fuck outta it!


Links For the New Q-Strange:


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