2Dee – “Say Less” [Official Music Video]

“Say Less” brings the audience to the forefront of the current political landscape in America, where the divide between law enforcement and urban/immigrant communities continues to worsen. The music video begins with a police officer demanding Xclusive’s (2Dee’s brother) information after pulling him over with no explanation. Suddenly, a gunshot breaks the silence, and the cop tries to get a grip, dazed and confused, of what he just heard. Yet every time he asks for help, he is faced with a beaten and battered person of color, covering their mouths with their national flag.

The victims are a jab at police brutality, which heavily targets minorities. The cop comes out of his manic illusion after being forced to come face to face with wounded black prisoners and lets Xclusive (2Dee’s brother) go after imagining one last injury on his face. The hallucination represents the all-too-familiar ending for many victims of police brutality, who have learned to mind their business and keep hustling despite the irreversible physical and mental damage they receive from the people that are supposed to be protecting them.

from Faygoluvers


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