Twiztid signs Production Deal for Haunted High-Ons

This is HUGE news for Twiztid and Majik Ninja Entertainment!  Madrox and Monoxide have teamed up with Ken Levin (of Preacher and The Boys fame) to work on a potential animated series for their Haunted High-Ons comic book series!

Monoxide was just on Facebook Live talking about Levin and what a production heavyweight he is!  He’s super hype about the project, and hopefully we hear more about the project soon!

In the meantime, check out this excerpt about the project that originated at Astronomicon 3.


TWIZTID: The hip-hop tandem of Jamie Madrox and Monoxide (whose given names are Jamie Spaniolo and Paul Methric, respectively) have been on the music scene since 1997 but they qualify for dual citizenship in the comics sector these days. The pair not only produce the indie comic book series called Haunted High-Ons (Source Point Press) they also star in the illustrated adventures (with their horror-show stage personas reimagined as a pair of fake ghost hunters who encounter authentic supernatural dangers) which premiered in 2017 with a one-shot story. The duo also own and operate Astronomicon, the Michigan pop-culture convention, which was the site last weekend where they announced that Haunted High-Ons has locked in a production partnership with Ken F. Levin (AMC’s Preacher, Amazon’s The Boys) and his NightSky Productions with an eye toward an animated series. It’s big news for the music biz tandem whose 2019 album, Generation Nightmare, charted both on Billboard’s alternative rock and hip-hop charts.

Says Twiztid: “When we first heard [Levin] was interested in what we have going on with Haunted High-Ons, we were blown away. After finally meeting Ken in person at San Diego Comic-Con, we asked him to come to our show later that night in San Diego. He actually showed, stayed for the whole performance and spent an additional two hours talking comics and TV with us after. It was then that we knew this is the guy we need representing our beloved independent comic franchise as we take this ambitious leap into what some would call the next level.”

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