Jelly Roll: Jesus Would Rather Drive a Harley [Fred Minnick Podcast Interview]

In this episode, Fred talks Jesus, drugs and political idiots with Southern Rapper Jelly Roll, who freely admits he wanted to kiss Fred on the air. In this deep-and-comedic interview, Jelly Roll talks a lot of common sense on his path to Fred selecting a bourbon perfect for his palate. The fact Jelly Roll liked all the flavors he suggested made it easier to pick a great bourbon.
If you’re not following Jelly Roll, you’re missing out on one of the hip hop scene’s most unique individuals. He recently did a film with Chelsea Handler and has collaborated with Tech N9ne, Lil Wyte, Haystak and Struggle Jennings. But full warning: This interview contains explicit language. Do not listen to around children.

This week’s trivia question: What major whiskey brand hired a salesman to follow around and supply a famous musician with their whiskey?

Also, a heckler heckles Fred during his reads. Can he handle the insults?

Recording Location: Louder Than Life Festival

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