Underground Nation Magazine Reveals Esham “30 Years of Boomin’ Words From Hell” 1,000 Limited Cover Story! Esham Ghost-Wrote For Kid Rock?!

Underground Nation Magazine keeps grinding their asses off by covering a wide variety of different underground/independent music genres all over the globe! This season of the pumpkin they dropped a bomb ass cover story with the legendary Godfather of the Wicket Shit, Esham! The cover story is awesomely titled  “Grim Reaper Atomic Fire Ball Edition” Esham “30 Years of “Boomin’ Words From Hell”! Whoa! its already been 30 years since “Boomin’ Words From Hell” first dropped in 1989 inside Detroit!  Within the “Pick Your Poison” special flavor behind this month’s Underground Nation Magazine, Esham bravely and finally answered the mysterious hip-hop history rumor behind  that he (Esham) did in-fact ghost-write for Kid Rock during the early 1990’s, because Esham was just helping out a fellow Detroit emcee and thought that was the correct thing to do.  Live Cover Picture of Esham  by Randal Hanka of Faygoluvers.net!

From Underground Nation Magazine and Esham directly:

“Underground Natin Magazine: This is interesting because the internet is always bringing up nostalgic craziness.So, there have been some past rumors popping online that you may have ghostwrote a few Kid rock verses at the start of early 1990’s. Is there some truth to that or just fans spreading wild rumor fire?

Esham: That’s absolutely true! I did ghostwrite a few songs for Kid Rock, when he was coming up, when he was a rapper, he had a career change, he went from rapper to rocker to country music to politician or whatever he does. But back in the day, Kid Rock used to come over my house and I used to teach him how to structure songs and I wrote a few songs for him and helped him get a couple of those deals he got back in the day from the songs I helped him write. But it’s all good, I guess I’m what you call a ghostwriter, I have ghostwritten for people, but it’s all part of the Hip-Hop culture and if you’re able to write for people like that, then I think it’s a good thing, unfortunately. I have never had a ghostwriter but I have helped my comrades out in the past. I only did it because I thought that’s what you were supposed to do. I didn’t know everybody was not on same blue print as me,I just was raised like that, I was raised to do that, spread love, that’s where I come from, the east side of Detroit, I didn’t know anything but spread love, I didn’t know how any better other than just help people and show love, just try to build something that wasn’t there, there was not a music scene in Detroit when I came up. A lot of people benefit off from the music scene now, but they don’t understand that it was not a music scene until we created one, because Berry Gordy left, Berry Gordy was gone 20 years before I got into the game, so there was not a music scene in Detroit, there wasn’t even a Detroit music sound until we dropped the wicked shit and that is the sound of Detroit!”

Hot damn! Shout out to Esham and Underground Nation Magazine for the exclusive fresh history lesson!  Live Cover Picture of Esham  by Randall Hanka of Faygoluvers.net!


Artists featured inside this months Underground Nation Magazine include Industrial legends, Combichrist and Aesthetic Perfectionthe underground champion, Crossworm, folk murder pioneer known as Amigo the Devil, horror metal titans.  Kissing Candice, Black Metal elitists, Summoner’s Circle, the Shadow Army emcee Xtra Overdoze presenting a “Halloween Movie Playlist”, and so much more! Pick up your own copy before it sells out here: https://www.underground-nation.com/product/pick-your-poison-esham-007/

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