The Rydas Pre-order Bundles Now Available!

I’m sure all of our readers know about a new album from The Rydas being announced at this year’s Fright Fest in Detroit.  There was a single handed out, and a banner with a release date of November 28th dropped at the end of the Twiztid set. To hear the single “Ain’t Callin’ You Gangsta” and see the image of the banner, check our article here:

Now while the album may not be officially out, the pre-order bundles are now up at!  You’ve got the choice to get the CD itself,  CD+bandana, CD+T-shirt, or CD+hoodie.  The official street date is January 9th, 2020!

As for the track listing, well, I’ll let you check the description for that:


The Rydas CD Pre Order

The Rydas Return!! Not much is known about these elusive thugs, but we do know that they have been rumored to be making their return and have some new recruits. . . . cuz everybody wanna be a ryda!!

Artist: The Rydas
Title: The Rydas
Track list:
Buy the muthafuckin album and find out!!

Here are all of the links you need to get in on this pre-order:

Order now and get them at your doorstep on or before that January 9th release date!

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