Kung Fu Vampire Unleashes Tripped Out Video Behind “Tearin’ Up Yo City” (Featuring Dirtbag Dan)!

Sick of lame ass music videos spewing from the underground that look as if they were recorded on a Windows  98 Web Cam? Then we here at Faygoluvers.net have the cure! That’s right! The California Vampire Emcee known around the globe as Kung Fu Vampire just unleashed an extravagant  music visual experience that embraces the psychedelic side of things, while also giving hip-hop fans something  raw and hyphy to bump all night long until the bass behind “Tearin’ Up Yo City” starts shattering the windows of their very own homes! Yes, Kung Vu Vampire slaughters the track as if he were the BTK killer on a beat but indie emcee Dirtbag Dan kills it too. thanks to his straight to the point lyrical bars. Nuff said!

Take a dab hit as if you were Damien Quinn (Dark Half) and peep the underground madness  within “Tearin’ Up Yo City” below!

from Faygoluvers


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