Green Jello (Green Jellÿ) Signs To Cleopatra Records! Bill Manspeaker Asks Musicians To Submit Tracks For Upcoming Album “Garage Band Kids”!

The cats out the bag! The punk rock puppet masters known around the world as Green Jello (Green Jellÿ) have just signed to mega record label “Cleopatra Records” for their upcoming fan-made album “Garage Band Kids”. The record is due to be released sometime in 2020 and one of the artists behind the Garbage Pail Kids will be doing the album art.   Frontman Bill Manspeaker also recently took to social media to let upcoming musicians/fans know that they too can be part of the upcoming “Garage Band Kids” by submitting their own ideas/records directly to Bill! Mad fresh! So if you ever wanted to be featured on an album that will be receiving worldwide distribution, now is your chance! So message Bill Manspeaker directly on social media!

From Bill Manspeaker Across Social Media:

“IF YOU WANNA BE ON THE NEW GREEN JELLO GARAGE BAND KIDS RECORD RELEASED ON A MAJOR LABEL THEN NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOUR SONG SUBMISSION” greenjellovision record deal: a while back I came up with this idea about a “FAN WRITTEN” “FAN RECORDED” Green Jello album called “GARAGE BAND KIDS”…I have been flying around the world and personally showing up at green jello fans homes and recording their version of what they think a green jello song should be…Now I have pitched the idea to a major record label and they loved it…Tomorrow I am signing a major record deal and I start to submit songs for them to pick to be on the album…and get this…the main artist for the Garbage Pale Kids trading cards is commissioned to do the front cover of the new Green Jello Garage Band Kids album…if you think you got what it takes to write a hit song and you think nobody ever gave you the chance to do so…well kids here is your chance…submit your fan written green jello song that we recorded now & I will hand it in tomorrow…yes that fast…if you have not recorded a song with me yet…well now now now is the time…don’t waste time…opportunity is knocking at your door…Take it from the guy who turned 888 green jello fans from around the world into 888 green jello touring band members…now it’s time to turn the green jello fans into a legit green jello song writer on a major record label…So my question is “WHO WANTS A MAJOR RECORD DEAL WITH GREEN JELLO” Followed by “Green Jello is proud announce the signing of their new major label recording contract with “CLEOPATRA RECORDS” in “SANTA MONICA KALIFORNIA”…the Fan Written Fan recorded Album “GREEN JELLO GARAGE BAND KIDS” will be released on all formats next year in mid 20/20 with videos to follow…the cover will be drawn by a famous Garbage Pail Kids artist soon to be announced….PLEASE SHARE”

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