Duhmonic, Aequitas, & AdotWAKE – “BAD 4 THEM” [Official Music Video]

Ancient Duhmonic recordings coming from beyond the grave in this self titled debut single from the hard hitting hip hop group “BAD 4 THEM”!

BAD 4 THEM is Duhmonic, Aequitas, & AdotWAKE aka AL MAL capturing some of their darkest work ever recorded.

The surviving members of the group Aequitas & AdotWAKE aka AL MAL wanted to share some of the last group recordings they ever did with Duhmonic as a way to finally honor and commemorate the work they did with their friend who tragically passed away in 2017.

This is the 1st single from the only album the group will ever release titled “CURSED” which dropped FOR FREE on Halloween.

This video features scenes from the show Breaking Bad and ****DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!****

from Faygoluvers


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