Bill Manspeaker of Green Jellÿ Confronts Canadian Promoter Who Ripped Off His Band At Their Own Home!

Never rip off any band or any recording artist! That’s fucked up yo! With that being said, nearly 5 days ago a London Canadian Concert Promoter by the name of Marcus  decided to be super wack  and skip out on paying the notorious punk rock puppet masters, Green Jello (Green Jellÿ) . As the story goes, Marcus cowardly rushed out the 765 Old East Bar’s  back door while the band was  professionally setting up for the gig. He cruelly didn’t bother to book Bill’s band  a hotel room either, leaving him and his band mates out in the cold, the band having to resort to sleeping out in their touring van while in the middle of a Canadian blizzard. The whole incident was filmed too!The video kicks off with  Green Jello  shouting out “Little pig, little pig, let me in,” while continuously knocking on the front door of the promoters apartment until he finally answered. The stale promoter then wisely decides to man up and answers the door. Then it leads to Bill Manspeaker some of his bandmates  scolding Marcus for being left out in the cold . They even said they were willing to forgive him.  According to the WorldStar Hip-Hop  video description, “In the end he paid the band less than half and walked away with both his kneecaps.” Wild shit! But hey, never book a band unless you have the cash or bad things may happen! We hope Marcus learned his lesson and never promotes again.


from Faygoluvers


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