Twiztid’s “Haunted High-Ons” Kickstarter Breaks Another Seal! 420 Backers will unlock new Twiztid singles!

We’ve told you about this before, but it’s time for a reminder!   You probably already know about the Haunted High-Ons comic that Twiztid started a couple of years ago.  Well, they have a Kickstarter that has 12 days left but has already raised nearly $21,000 and is close to 300 backers!  You can pledge anything from $1.00 just to show some love to $1,000 for a HUGE Madrox or Monoxide themed package filled with TONS of goodies!

Another piece of flavor can still be unlocked in the next 12 days!  MNE has stated that if it reaches 420 backers by the end of the campaign, some new Twiztid singles will be unlocked early, and ONLY available to those who had pledged to the campaign!

There are several different options that include a PDF version of the comic, exclusive hard cover version, t-shirts, hoodies, exclusive commissioned drawing by Jamie Madrox, VIP experiences, and much more!

Find all of the different campaign options here:

Now, peep the latest update from Haunted High-ons creator Dirk Manning below.


We have broken the Seventh Seal, err, Hiddenable, err… STRETCH GOAL!


Hey all!

Because you’re all so amazing, we’ve unlocked the SEVENTH Stretch Goal, meaning every HAUNTED HIGH-ONS collection will now also include a cover gallery featuring EVERY HAUNTED HIGH-ONS VARIANT COVER!

Yes, every one that series artists Marianna Pescosta and Alessandro de Fornasari illustrated. Yes, even the one Jamie Madrox illustrated. Yes, even the one Kevin Eastman (co-creator of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES) drew illustrated! Each and every one of them will now be added to a cover gallery in the book, for free, because of your continued support!

What’s up with the epilogues, exactly?

Next-up is the EIGHTH Stretch Goal, wherein, if/when we unlock it, a new BRAND NEW epilogue sequence will be added to the book featuring the almighty Alla Xul Elu.

But what does that mean, exactly?

Many people are saying that AXE stole the show in the later part of the book, and if we pass 21K in pledges (and as I type this we’re already almost halfway there!) I will write a new “bonus scene” in which we revisit AXE one more time after the events of the main series that will be illustrated by Mari and Ale!

You know how Marvel movies have those little “Easter Egg” scenes after the credits? Those are basically “epilogues,” and the next three Stretch Goals will give us lbinus scenes like that focusing on AXE, then Blaze Ya Dead Homie (who also makes a powerful appearance in the last third of the story) and then finally the next evil that will be threatening Twiztid in the HAUNTED HIGH-ONS universe.

If you want to see these new scenes written, illustrated, and included, keep promoting the campaign, friends! Here’s a link to share:

Thanks again everyone! I’ll be at FANTASTICON in Mt. Pleasant Michigan this weekend, so if you’re in the area feel free to swing by and say “Hi,” yeah? Twiztid is also still on the road on the final leg of their tour with Motionless in White, so if you get a chance to see them, do that too, yeah?

Thanks again! Y’all are genuinely amazing, the work you’re doing is VERY appreciated, and I’ll be in touch again soon!

On behalf of team HAUNTED HIGH-ONS,

Dirk Manning

Watch the 5 minute infomercial about this campaign starring Madrox and Monoxide here:


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