This Is Crazy! Krizz Kaliko Just Announced He Left Strange?

Wait What Did I Just See?! Krizz Kaliko Left Strange Music?


I’m not sure what exactly going on here, but during the early morning hours here on 10/6 Krizz Kaliko posted on his Instagram account:

Spent half of my life with this guy here. Doin what I was born ta do. Thanks for all the years bro 😢@therealtechn9ne

On one note, it seems like he is trying to do his own thing. On another note, he seems sad over it. Or both, who knows. All we can do is point out the cues and the facts. Speaking of facts, we just happened to peruse the Strange Music website out of curiosity. Once there, I searched for Krizz Kalico’s product page and saw this:

Seems peculiar. Why would a label that makes money on music and products that are under contract be removed if they have the rights to those items? Maybe they don’t anymore? It seems odd with the Instagram post and all the products and music removed from the Strange Music Store at the same time.

Also, about an hour ago on Twitter, this was posted on Krizz Kaliko’s Twitter

Sure hope none of this is true, but if it is, it is all for the good of things and nothing but love. Krizz and Tech are like brothers. Krizz has always been the radiant consistent heartbeat of melody and soul for a lot of the SM tracks since it was founded in 1999. Time will tell and as information, comes in we will update everyone.

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