Super ‘Ro – “Freaky Friday” Halloween Playlist

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  1. Screws In My Neck
  2. Trick Her Treat (Halloween) (ft. Sike Sick)
  3. Dreadeye Loves You – Dreadeye
  4. Twisted Love (ft. Young Marley)
  5. Good Day (Sike Sick ft. Dreadeye)
  6. Hit Em (wit the Hatchet) (ft. Sike Sick)
  7. Murder Death Note (unreleased) (ft. Lil Triganom)
  8. Thriller (Yung Mike) (Unreleased Psychopath Killer Remix)
  9. Soda (ft. Sike Sick)
  10. Leggo (Ghost Remix)
  11. Halloween Party

from Faygoluvers


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