MARS Set To Release “The Murder” EP on October 11th! [Press Release and Sampler Inside!]

The Bay Area homie MARS has finished his next album, and it’s already dropping this Friday, October 11th!  Even though he calls this an EP, The Murder contains 10 tracks that Mars himself describes as “pure insanity”!

You can check out the track list below:

  1. Small Sacrifices
  2. Never Get Rich
  3. Undercover
  4. Whiskey
  5. Shit List
  6. Solicitation
  7. Cum Closer (ft. Koshir)
  8. Collect Call
  9. Christine (ft. BVNE)
  10. In The End

We have a press release for the EP which can be seen below.

Click to enlarge!

In the dark world of Horrorcore rap, October is a month to treat it’s fanbase to exciting releases to celebrate the macabre themes this season brings every year. In 2019, there has been one artist in particular that has been pumping out projects so often, that even the most dedicated fans are having a hard time keeping up with.

Bay Area horrorcore rap legend Mars is set to release his 8th project of the year, the “Murder” EP on October 11th through industry giant Empire and his independent label home of 20 years, Mad Insanity Records. The Murder EP is 10 tracks of pure insanity with topics ranging from Kidnapping, Stalking, Murder, Drug Abuse and much worse produced entirely by Bvne Beats.

“I wanted to try so many different styles of music on this one, but still keep my content fresh and comfortable to my fanbase all at the same time. There are songs with country undertones, there are songs that touch on personal issues on being an artist in a cut throat industry, and there’s even a song where I give directions from the funeral home in Antioch, CA, to the cemetery across town, net to the neighborhood I grew up in next to Jaycee Dugard’s house. This is me at my best.” says Mars who has utilized every bit of the year to reconnect with his horrorcore fanbase and re-introducing his signature masked image he is so widely known for. “I think at some point I had to figure out what I wanted to do, and what direction I wanted to go in. The darkness I have in my music, is probably the best representation of what is inside of me. I was already where I was supposed to be the whole time.”

With only 2 more months of 2019 to go, the rapper has really upped his productivity level to an all time high. With two more singles set to be released before October is over and two albums set for November. You can expect more songs of obsession, murder, and mayhem to keep you busy until the New Near.

Exclusive interviews, quotes, drops and more information is available upon request to approved media outlets. Please email with your inquiries.

You can hear the sampler for the album here:

The Murder EP Sampler

The Murder will be available on ALL digital outlets!  Mark your calendars for this Friday and make sure to check out the latest offering from Mars!

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