Kickstarter Gets Twiztid! – Haunted High-Ons: The Darkness Rises (Collector’s Edition)

Many people might be familiar with Twiztid’s comedy/horror comic book series “Haunted High-Ons” which currently consists of 5 issues. For those unfamiliar with it; here’s a brief synopsis from their latest project.

“Musicians by day and fake ghost hunters by night. When TWIZTID gets called to a real haunted house, they soon realize that it’s their responsibility to stop the wicked energy known as “The Darkness” from spreading across the land – whether they’re up to it or not!”

The series has seen so much success that issues 1-4 are completely sold-out at all shops nationwide! This has inspired Twiztid to roll up all 5 issues into 1 trade paperback for the mass market but they’re also offering loads of other goodies including a limited hardcover collector’s edition which is available exclusively through Kickstarter.

Twiztid might seem like they wouldn’t necessarily need Kickstarter to make this project a reality, but they offered a good explanation for why exactly they chose the platform.

“The answer is simple: You. Through Kickstarter, Twiztid and Source Point Press can offer you a deluxe, Kickstarter Exclusive hardcover edition of this collection that will not be available in comic stores – or anywhere else.”

“Additionally, using Kickstarter allows us to offer those who pledge more and more Stretch Goal bonuses and upgrades, as well as Pledge Levels that are impossible to offer through comic shops and book stores.”

Fans now have the unique opportunity to directly fund this book and score some exclusive rewards for doing so! The hardcover version is already an awesome bonus but there are so many other goodies to choose from that it’ll make your head spin, so make sure to check out the project! A few of the rewards are only available in limited quantities, so make sure to act quickly! The project will be active until October 31 2019 4:21 PM EDT

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