In Case You Missed This! Mars (Mad Insanity) Was Recently Interviewed By Kill-A-Hoe – #1 Finnish Source For Rap!

The masked Bay Area O.G. that is Mars (Mad Insanity) keeps receiving wide media coverage behind is music across the globe. And in case you missed this one, here is a snippet of a brand new interview with Mars (discusses what human flesh may taste like, his career, & more) by the number #1 Finland hip-hop website Kill-A-Hoe.

KAH: What’s up, Mars? How are you today?

Mars: I’m good brodie! Just trying to keep busy, in the studio and out here pushing these records. Out here in California on this side of the world its like 106 degrees. I’d rather be in the studio than outside anyways! But everything is really good. For the first time in a long time I feel like myself again. It had a lot to do with just immersing myself back into music full time.

KAH: Those who are perhaps unfamiliar with your work could you tell us a little about yourself?

Mars: My name is Mars. I was born in the United States in a small town called Antioch, CA and raised all over the Bay Area, predominantly in the city of Pittsburg. P-World raised. YOC town born. I’ve made a career out of recording horror themed rap music in a genre called Horrorcore. Because of that I’ve been able to travel all over the United States and my music known all over the world. I’ve done acting on TV, in small parts. I’ve made songs with some of the most legendary artists in the world. But really I’m just a normal dude who enjoys hanging out with family and friends and hanging out. I would say I would like to be known as who I am, not what I do to the people I care most about. And really, only those people get to see the real me. I’m pretty shy and private at home.

KAH: How long have you been rapping?

Mars: I’ve been making music for like 20 years. I say music, because I don’t consider myself just a rapper. I like to do all types of music. I think the more stuff I create, I feel like I should do what I hear in my head when I choose a beat. No matter what that is. Because I’m not really trying to make music for anyone but myself anyways. I’m just lucky that other people like it too.

KAH: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Mars: I think these days I choose to write a lot about myself. Like the darker side of myself. Fantasies of revenge. Depression. Suicide. Anger. All of these things are real feelings and events that happen in real life. I think reality is darker than making shit up. So when possible I reflect back on how I felt in certain situations or times in my life or people I don’t like and I imagine that stuff in my story lines. Sometimes I just talk a bunch of shit. Sometimes there is a message. Sometimes there is no message at all.

KAH: What’s your process in making music?

Mars: Sometimes I just hear a beat and let it tell me what to do. I’ll smoke some weed. Sit down and just write and record all at the same time. Start to finish chipping away at it. I’ll redo a million things a million times and just be in the studio by myself and take my time. But it really doesn’t take me long to record a song. An hour at most. Most of these albums I’m about to drop only took a week or two. It takes longer to get them mixed or wait for features than I do the actual recording. So while I wait for those to come back, I record more. I just like to knock shit the fuck out. I feel like we don’t have a lot of time in the world so I should leave as much of me as behind as possible. It last forever. I won’t.

KAH: How has your music evolved since you began making music?

Mars:  As a horrorcore artist from the beginning, I was really young. So growing up on stuff like Brotha Lynch Hung, and X-Raided and Esham and Ganxsta NIP and eventually Insane Clown Posse, I was drawn to the killing baby and Jason Vorhees and Suicide messages and axe murdering lunatic stuff and be like this is what I want to do! The actual meaning message and stuff like that didn’t matter as much as I kid as long as it was crazy. Now I’ve experienced more in life the details are really what matters. The people I talk about could be actual figures, situations are real. The reason is more clear. I also got more comfortable with using different voices, tones, adapting to different styles of music. Singing. I think I’m just getting comfortable.

KAH: What do you want people to take from your art?

Mars: I don’t know to be honest. I think when I die, I want that just to be something people can listen to hear my voice and laugh at my stupid humor or things I say that know me. Or just to feel maybe what I might have been going through at times and understand. I think everyone just wants to be appreciated by the people who matter to you the most. And I think when were gone, that’s when it actually happens. Nobody gives a fuck when you’re here.

KAH: How do you separate yourself from other artists?

Mars: Details. I’m very assertive when it comes to my image, artwork, promotional campaigns. It’s not just about music to me. It’s about how people learn about your music, see your music before they listen. I would like to say I care about it more than most. People cut corners. And I don’t get why sometimes. I never would. I often butt heads with people I work with because I’m never say something is good enough when it’s not. Id rather do things by the book whenever possible. And I have my own book. If it looks like shit, then you’re probably shit. My competition isn’t the people that don’t. It’s the people that do.

KAH: How would you describe your style in three words?

Mars:  Catchy, funky, weird.

KAH: What is your opinion on the current state of horrorcore rap?

Mars: There are amazing artists out there. A lot of the artists that people listen to are friends of mine. And the ones that are making noise, have always been making noise. The new generation like Lyte, Ouija, and A.X.E. are great artists and are super dope at what they do. I love the people at Majik Ninja Entertainment. G-Mo Skee is a good friend of mine and is such a dope rapper. Twiztid is always evolving. Force 5 Records is such a cool label to work with because it’s completely self sustained. I like Jay Sin, Donnie Menace. UGA. Jenocia X, Razakel. My dude Kung Fu Vampire out there killing shit all on his own with no label. Gorilla Voltage. Sythe Note Records always has shit poppin. Twisted Insane just dropped two albums this week. Horrorcore is going strong man. I’m proud of all of the artists out there getting it.

KAH: Can you tell us what happened to your ‘Go Suicidal’ song?

Mars: Legendary San Francisco producer TC did Go Suicidal. The guy who brought me to all the dope producers and studios out there got into some trouble at some point and I’m not sure what happened to a lot of the music recorded for the project it was supposed to come out on. When all the school shooting stuff happened we sent the song to the news to use for their segment and that’s how people learned about it. I performed it on a Psychopathic Records tour once. But eventually it all got lost or one time TC’s studio caught on fire so who knows. Maybe it went with it?

KAH: What are you listening to these days?

Mars: Hi-C’s album from the 90’s, haha. 90’s gangsta rap from LA and the Bay Area are like the only thing I really listen to ever. I like soul oldies too. Music was so different from each other then. But it’s like the same beats.

KAH: If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Mars: DJ Quik. He has to be my favorite rapper ever. I got to hang out with him a few times and we follow each other on social media. But, I don’t think he really knows how big of a fan I am of his stage show, his production, his raps and all of that. Hes fuckin dope. I think we could make something dope.

KAH: You just released your single ‘Medication’. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Mars: I’ve been releasing a new project or single every month and when we dropped Medication it took off like crazy. It was produced by Westside Rell and mixed and mastered by Pop Jensen out of Fresno, CA. He works out of a studio called The Green Room. I recorded it around 3am one night and I knew my fanbase would love it. But I also knew everyone else needed to hear it too. But with all of these singles that I’ve been releasing it shows me which ones my fans gravitate more to and it gives me a little bit of direction. But on Friday The 13th I dropped a single with no promotion ahead of time. And already it’s surpassed Medication somehow. The internet is hard to figure out. Both are good representations of what I do. So if you’re reading this and just learning about me? Check those ones out.

KAH: Can you describe to us what does human flesh taste like?

Mars: I would say it taste like chicken, but unless they have Popeyes in Finland, then you have no idea what real chicken taste like. So…


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