Detroit Metro Times Covers 26th Annual Hallowicked

Hallowicked has always had a strong reputation as one of the most important events in the Juggalo world since its conception in the early ’90s. The event already gets lots of attention from the Juggalos, but even big news outlets can’t help but take notice of the momentous occasion.

Last year the Detorit Metro Times released a photo collection called All The Juggalos We Saw at ICP’s 25th Annual Hallowicked Show in Detroit which warmed the hearts of many fans to see such a positive perspective on the event. Now, they’ve released an article prior to this year’s show called You Can Celebrate Halloween The Most Juggalo Way Possible at Hallowicked which yet again promotes the show in a very positive way.

With all the badmouthing that the Juggalos are subjected to in mainstream media it’s not too often that someone objectively speaks the truth about them, so this is a really great thing to see. The Insane Clown Posse also showed their gratitude over Facebook by sharing the article and expressing thanks for the love.

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