Yes! A Real Swat Team Actually Swarmed Jason Porter And Mars While Filming Snuff Inspired Video “Staring At Death”; Same Police Dept Responsible For Daniel Shavers Murder!

Jason Porter (rocking the  Mic since 1992) always comes back when underground fans least expect it and always seems to be when controversy randomly erupts. Today Jason Porter and Cali OG Mars (Mad Insanity) dropped a snuff inspired video for their upcoming collabo LP “Killing Spree” with footage of them near Phoenix, Arizona portraying armed ski masked men lurking around the neighborhood, breaking into homes and car jacking. Remember this is less than a week after Ouija Macc admitted that recent music video shoot arrest was in fact a publicity stunt, so fans online were arguing among themselves about whether or not Jason Porter and Mars really did have a Swat Team surround them at the end of their music video for “Staring At Death”. So I decided to go straight to the source and it turns out it’s  absolute truth.  A nearby neighbor thought real armed men were about to break in next door and called the Mesa, Arizona Police and soon after Jason Porter, Mars, and their music video film crew were raided.  Turns out it was also the same exact police department who were responsible for murdering Daniel Shaver. an unarmed man seen on News all over the globe pleading “please do not shoot me” towards the Mesa, Arizona Police before they disturbingly fired upon him.
From Mars directly to me:
“Ok so we were filming a scene with the director jay out in front of Jason Porters house and Jason was wearing a ski mask and acting like he was car jacking his girl. His next door neighbor was looking out his blinds and seen just that. Called the police. About 30 police cars and swat team and a helicopter showed up When the helicopter flew ahead with the spot light, we assumed they were looking for somebody in the area It took a second before we realized it was US This was a week after my stabbing and I flew out to Phoenix to record with Jason and they ordered me on the ground and I refused and just walked backwards to the police while smoking a cigarette and my hands up It was then we explained what was going on. But then we found out about the shooting in the city about the guy in the hotel who had a BB gun. They shot him in the hallway for being nervous and not following their confusing commands when he was scared. He was begging for his life and they shot him. Same police force. Very close in situations and in time. Could have gone a lot worse We kept filming.”
Reminder!  Mars and Jason Porter Collabo “Killing Spree” LP Coming Soon!

from Faygoluvers


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