Twisted Insane – “Sick James”

It’s extremely rare for a rapper or group to drop two albums on the same date but Twisted Insane isn’t your ordinary rapper. He played the Gathering of the Juggalos this year which was fucking insane (no pun intended) but the insane news (okay, pun intended) doesn’t stop there!

Today on Friday the 13th, this ninja just dropped two brand new full-length LPs for that ass! They’re available right now digitally on pretty much every major digital platform you can think of.

One of those releases is the album “Sick James.” You can order that on iTunes right now by CLICKING HERE. Check out the artwork and tracklist below:

1. The Chow Hall
2. He’s Here 
3. The Initial High 
4. The Devils Playground feat. Rittz 
5. FYM
6. Deal With It feat. Ryan Anthony 
7. Overkill 
8. 6nineteen 
9. Copy Cats 
10. What More Do They Want feat. Swisher Sleep 
11. Danger/Big Junes interlude 
12. No Love 
13. RNDD
14. Runnin On Empty 
15. Infinity feat. C. Ray and Brotha Lynch Hung 
16. Top Ramen
17. Trust Nobody 
18. Delusions 
19. Sick James feat. Ise B, Cutty Dre and C. Ray 
20. Deific feat. Buk of Psycho Drama 
21. WFWM
22. The Bad Guy (sweet dreams)

The other of those releases is the album “Sickopatomous.” Check out our section on that release HERE.

Do not sleep on either of these releases, homie!

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