SOOPA GATHERING Video Drop #8: ICP Acoustic, Token, Bruce Brothers Seminar, Ghostemane, Mushroomhead!

I’m back Juggalos and Juggalettes!  I’ve been slackin’ a bit due to work obligations, but don’t worry…our staff still has been on fuckin’ point with the latest news posts and all-around Juggalo flavor!

Speaking of which, I’ve got some more footage from this year’s SOOPA GATHERING! I’m talking about sets from Mushroomhead, Ghostemane, TOKEN, the rare ICP Acoustic set, and even footage from the Bruce Brothers: Men In Black seminar!

I hope you’re ready, because we’ve got close to 90 minutes of Gathering freshness for you to either relive, or see for the first time!  Take a look at that below!



Bruce Brothers Men In Black Seminar:


Insane Clown Posse (Acoustic):

And if you’d like to see ALL of the Gathering videos that we’ve posted so far, you can check them on our Soopa Gathering Youtube Playlist!  We’ve only got a few more to go, including some EPIC footage of ICP’s headlining performance!  So keep checking back!

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