Reel Life Productions Entire Discography Now Complete and LIVE in our “Discography” Section!

For you older Juggalos, a month or so back, we completed the entire discographies of both Psychopathic Records and Majik Ninja Entertainment. I’m talkin’ every single piece of physical media ever released by both labels. Everything from CDs to memory sticks are documented. Check out our original post by CLICKING HERE.

In that post, we mentioned that we were also working on discographies for more underground record labels such as Reel Life Productions, Native World Inc, and Strange Music.

Well, it came a lot faster than I thought it would (that’s what she said), Juggalos! We’re already completely finished with our Reel Life Productions discography! Every CD, cassette, box set and VHS (No DVDs we’re released through Reel Life… For real) has been documented, labeled, and categorized for you!

Hit up “Discography” in our features section right now and check out the new category, ninjas! Or, say fuck clicking around and hit the link below.

Has any real hardcore Suicidlists been able to collect everything on that list?

Next up, and I’m working on it right now, is our homie ABK’s record label, Native World Inc! Maybe in a month from now. Maybe in a few months from now. Who knows? Either way, I’m pounding away at it pretty hard, homies! Keep your eyes peeled.

Also, on top of Native World and Strange Music Inc, also expect to see Suburban Noize Records, Mobstyle Music, and maybe Lyrikal Snuff Productionz.

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