Mars Featured on the Latest Episode of the Beneath the Dirt Podcast!

Some of you know I’m definitely a podcast ninja. Not just underground podcasts but different kinds. I like a variety. When it does come to underground podcasts though it’s really hit or miss for me. Some notable ones I like to check out are The Underground, Replicon Radio, The Murder Mayhem Show, and this new(ish) one I discovered about a month ago called the Beneath the Dirt Podcast.

This podcast deals with all things related to underground music with an “occasional visit above the surface.” The host Rone Bone is pretty entertaining with some sometimes controversial opinions. For the most part, though, it’s a fun podcast.

On the latest episode, Rone Bone was lucky enough to talk to the one and only Mars of Mad Insanity and Force 5 Records!
In the interview, they go over any and all upcoming projects Mars has planned, all the singles he’s dropped so far this year, and more!

Hit up the Beneath the Dirt Podcast on YouTube right now by CLICKING HERE and subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode, homies!

Check out the latest episode featuring Mars below.

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