Wrekonize – “Get You Some” (Freestyle)


Reporting live to you fuckers from the mother land
Benny Fucking Buckingham
Coming home Sucker clones better bet it it’s us again
Turning past weeks through a million pages
Wrek is to the stages What Citizen Kane is to the film biz
Hollywood writing down a lot good
Seen a lot of things screenplay shit we probably should
I’m breaking records on my shelf life and all my team
I’m building bridges to my wealth Don’t need more self esteem
E said the hoods were gonna roll
We Squaded up to Cape Town and now I’m coming home
I feel indivisible plus invincible
Out to prove a point this year they feel me off of principle
This shits in my blood I’m out here doing what I’m meant to do
Never took a break or retired that shit ain’t sensible
I break barriers they break down
Collecting accolades like who gon’ stop my claims now
My main sounds been a decade in the make wow
Kept it going I ain’t like these other lame clowns
I’m Tommy Shelby up in arms I’m stealthy
I am the bookie on this land I do not play the hand you think you dealt me
This is grind mode look where I’m at now
You think that I could climb this high by playing the background
No It was driving all them miles to the Slak Lounge go
Anywhere that they would let me just rap round shows
I did my thing for years and still here hungry
Since roast the most I flowed and ain’t a nan one above me bruh
This the 34th you didn’t know
That I was out here killing shit 34 weeks all in a row
And that’s just 2019
Wait for me to wipe they eyes clean like a ton of visine
When I start promoting this album
It’s gonna be some pressure on the lesser who were counting me out son
So we live out in Africa Spitting that illmatica
Opponents lack components like it’s gattaca
I waited all my life to be here
I feel my fathers past when I breathe here
I hope that you see clear
I hope you don’t heed fear
And act with conceit near
A bunch of righteous folks
we in here sipping on 3 beers
It’s Paradise for avid flights
I’m talking battles where back on mics I was flyer than satellites
They were not even half as nice Hannah Montana types
I battered ‘em had to strike they were softer than Spanish rice
I’m on that sacred soil to honor Val Ryan
And Micheal Melody I hope I have my fam smiling
Mouth of the South Africa this soil has touched my soul
I had to cross the sea to know more me I’m coming home

from Faygoluvers


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