Twiztid Will Be At the “Cannabis Cup Detroit” Event This Saturday, August 17th!

To all my homies in or around the Detroit area that like to partake in that goodie good, I have some dope news, and then some more dope news for you!

This weekend, August 17th to the 18th at The Russell Industrial Center in Detroit, High Times will be holding their Cannabis Cup Detroit 2019 event! Anyone 18-20 years of age with a medical card and anybody 21+ are welcome! This event has been goin’ on since 2013 and features an amazing lineup of performances, tons of booths, and 100% completely legal cannabis available for your consumption!

Artists performing include Wu-Tang Clan, 2 Chainz, Warren G, Trick Trick, and more! (Wait. What? Holy shit!)

That’s that “dope news” but here’s the “more dope news!”:

The Demented Duo, Twiztid will be at the event kickin’ it with the fam and signing autographs on Saturday, August 17th! You can catch them at the Mkx OilCo booth from 1pm-2pm.

Check out more info right now at by CLICKING HERE.

Don’t get high and drive, ninjas!
High Times is offering a 25% off code for Lyft good for two rides from the event. Use the code: HIGHTIMESCUP

Detroit smokers, don’t miss the event. Twiztid fans, don’t miss the event. Twiztid fans that are smokers, you’re fuckin’ trippin’ if you miss the event.

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