Tech N9ne Responds To Troll Juggalo Claiming “If ICP never had you you wouldn’t be Sh*T”

Early morning today on social media Tech N9ne (from his own personal account) decided to reply to a Juggalo internet troll upon reading a rather rude comment on an official Tech N9ne Social Media music video clip that was directly aimed towards the number one independent rapper in the world. The person claimed, “If ICP never had you, you wouldn’t be shit”.  And now Tech N9ne wants  the Juggalo community to know/share his direct response to the troll in regards to where the Kansas City King stands on the history between him and the Juggalo fans, so he doesn’t have to say it again.

Tech N9ne’s Response Towards Juggalo Troll:

“Layton Jackson yeah so just fuck all the major tours I did before the year 2003 when I went on Wonka! Fuck the JayZ tour, the 311 tour, The 2 solo tours I did before 2003 where I found out what a juggalo was cause I saw you guys shirts outside in my massive lines before 2003! I’ve been touring since 91 my nig! Why can’t you just be happy that juggalos were a big impact on my career rather than suckin your own dicks thinkin there were no fans before juggalos? You’re right, nobody knew who I was in the JUGGALO world really until I went on wicked Wonka! The last group to log on to my music after the gangsters, college kids and metal heads were the the juggalos after 2001 Anghellic! Absolute power tour 2002 is when I started seeing hatchet gear shirts in my lines at shows! 2003 you all got to finally see me in your world and I worked for that shit cause you mutha fuckas had your backs turned to people who weren’t psychopathic or affiliated! 2003! Juggalos logged all the way on to T9! LATE ! And always wanna claim y’all discovered rather than contributed in a big way! Just admit, when you first heard ANYTHING by me you liked, you then had to go back to search for the old music like the calm, the worst 1 and 2 and even Be warned tracks that were leaked that the early 90’s Tech fans already had memorized years before Icp put me on Wonka in 2003! SHUT UP and learn your T9 history before you go public with shit you think and not know! Same thing I told Joe Bruce! Share this with your community so I won’t have to say it a fuckin gain! L9ve, T9!”

*Note Several Sources Have Verified This Is Indeed From Tech’s Personal Account*

Tech N9ne Social Media Post:


How many Juggalos discovered Tech N9ne through Psychopathic Records? How many knew him before that through the giant hip-hop collabo “The Anthem” featuring Tech N9ne, Pharoahe Monch, Xzibit, Eminem, RZA, Kool G Rap, Chino XL, KRS-One & More? Or was it another source, like a friend was bumping Tech N9ne’s music in his whip back in the day?! Leave your answers below!

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