Sign the Petition To Keep ‘Trick-r-Treating’ on October 31st, Halloween Night!

Halloween is the most important holiday in the Juggalo calendar. It’s like Juggalo Christmas! Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is dope as fuck too but there are lots of things about Halloween that completely fit with our subculture.

That being said, I’m 32 years old. Throughout my childhood, I trick-r-treated every year on October 31st. That’s Halloween Day! As I got older we also continued the tradition by partying on Halloween (responsibly of course). I now have a 4-year-old and we’ve gone trick-r-treating ever year on, you guessed it, October 31st.

The Insane Clown Posse holds their annual Hallowicked Clown Show every year since 1994 on October 31st with some exception because that’s fucking Halloween night!

2000 years ago, the Celts observed and celebrated their New Year on November 1st. They believed that on New Year’s Eve (October 31st) the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred. Ghosts of the dead we’re able to return to this realm and it was highly celebrated. They would light bonfires and dress in costumes both in celebration and to ward of evil spirits.
This day and celebration were called “Samhain.”

New Year’s Day was also All Saints Day so there’s a pretty historic, important, traditional reason “All Hallows Eve” happens on October 31st.

Anyway, enough of the history lesson. Sorry ’bout that.

 The whole reason we’re even talking about this is because the Halloween & Costume Association has started a petition to change trick-r-treating to the last Saturday of October.

In opposition to this, Trick or Treat Studios has started a petition to keep trick-r-treating at our houses on the real Halloween Night regardless of what day of the week it falls on!

You can sign that petition at right now by CLICKING HERE.

I have absolutely no issue with change if it’s absolutely necessary, but changing Halloween to the last Saturday of October is just fuckin’ silly. And I don’t usually use the word “silly” so that’s saying something.

Sign the petition, homies. Help keep Halloween alive!

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