Kung Fu Vampire – “Come Dawn”

Kung Fu Vampire‘s highly anticipated, long talked about album Come Dawn” is finally available for pre-order! KFV has been talking about this release for quite a while now and it’s almost time for it to see the light of day! 22 days away, homies. August 30th and it’s all yours.

Come Dawn features 15 brand new provocative, exotic and downright disturbingly honest” tracks that also pays a bit of homage to the 80’s.

Features on the album include FuturisticX-RaidedMarsThe Jokerr1 TonDikulzDJ ClayC-MobK DaverDirtbag DanGorilla VoltageProHoeZak & Bukshot.

He’s already announced the producers but for those of you that don’t know, they’re as follows: Chris PaxtonProHoeZakGodsynthNobe Inf GangHigh OctaneDuranamoMok BeatzAgrpa & The Butler.

Oh snap.

You can pre-order “Come Dawn” right now on iTunes at Music.Apple.com by CLICKING HERE or on Google Play by CLICKING HERE.

Pre-order right now and get the tracks 1986” and “Love at First Bite” right now! What are you waiting on, ninja!?

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