Kung Fu Vampire & Bukshot Teaming Up for 2020 “Double Dragon” Release!

It looks like two of the underground’s biggest players, Kung Fu Vampire, and Bukshot are teaming up for a 2020 release titled “Double Dragon!”

That also means they are likely two of the busiest ninjas in the underground as well, considering KFV has his newCome Dawnalbum dropping very soon with pre-orders dropping tomorrow and Bukshot on his grind with that new UGA, not to mention the Hell’s Kitchen albums and everything else going on over at Mobstyle Music!

We’re not sure if this is going to be a full length, an EP, a single, an audio-book about a journey into self-discovery, or what! We do know that it’s dropping next year and that they’re already referring to themselves as “The Dragons.”

Check out the tweet from Bukshot below:

KFV looks pretty fuckin’ happy about it!

More info coming soon, ninjas. Stay tuned.

from Faygoluvers


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