King Gordy & Jimmy Donn Announce New Album “The Purge” Dropping Oct 25th

Almost two years ago, on Devil’s Night, 2017, just as it was announced that both King Gordy and Bizarre were signed to Majik Ninja Entertainment as LARS, Jimmy Donn released a collab album he had recorded with King Gordy titled “How To Gag A Maggot.”

Earlier this year they released a follow-up EP titled “How To Gag A Maggot: Reigning Blood.” Check out our post for that by CLICKING HERE.

It’s now been announced that the duo of King Gordy & Jimmy Donn are calling themselves “How To Gag A Maggot” or “H2GAM” and have a third release dropping this October 30th! It’s called “The Purge” and they’ve already released the title track from the release.

You can check out the music video for “The Purge” in our video section by CLICKING HERE or check that out below.

We’ll post the tracklist, pre-order info and anything else about the release once it pops up, homies!

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