Independent Gothic Thriller Emcee Sadistik Stops Bike Thief After Muay Thai Class!

Here’s a late night hip-hop hero story for ya! When Sadistik isn’t setting the Billboard charts on fire independently as an poetic Gothic thriller emcee, he’s  apparently out stopping crime in the streets of Los Angeles, California. He was busting ass in Muay Thai class and saw an individual leave with a bike but hadn’t realized till an hour later that the bicycle actually belonged to someone else after being told it was stolen; the owner being a student in the same Muay Thai Class. Upon finding out the annoying truth that the bike was actually stolen, Sadistik offered helped and went on with his day. Not long after walking home the young recording artist instantaneously recognized the face of the thief from earlier, bravely ran up on him, pulled the bike out the thieves hands, and brought it back to the official owner.

From Sadistk Across Social Media:

“This morning I saw someone take a bike while I was in Muay Thai class, but I didn’t realize he was stealing it until an hour after he left… So on my way home I saw the thief; I ran up on him & got the bike back & returned it. The aftermath is on my Instagram stories.”

Instagram “Getting The Bike Back Aftermath” Story  *Note Sadistik’s Real Name Is Cody*

Salute to Sadistik for being the hero of the day today!

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