Wrekonize – “The Barrage (Freestyle)”

Produced by Michael “Seven” Summers


Killing verses like assassins Bring it back he’s like a Zombie
Human Beings out of fashion they can’t ever really stop me
Every time there’s a reaction i been peaceful like I’m Ghandi
What’s the meaning of there actions they gon’ kill me like Harambe
I been watching women volley US ladies took the final
Took a ride I’m out in Bali They been tapping on my spinal
I’m addicted to the hobby Running out of place for vinyl
So if I end up as a body tell my sons sell the titles
Break it down and pay respect to the billy goat
I been looking to fill a moat all around my antennas though
i’m Blocking out sinners slow to line ‘em up in a row
see I pick em off pitiful now that’s what I call inter scope
Pushing the envelope y’all hate on that mumble sound
I hear it I’m skipping rope cuz that’s when I double down
So let me just live it dope and get off my southern ground
I’m in it it for indigo not here for you fucking clowns
They been giving me the side eye look me over like contracts
Just to sign and go bye bye shoulda really used your contacts
She been sipping on a mai tai drink it up and get the contrast
Telling you that i’mma die fly like a 3 6 mob track
They in deep shit swamp rat we been soaring like the eagles
They been fly that’s non fact they been skimming like the seagulls
Day tripping like the Beatles they don’t ever see the night lights
Ducked down during sunset probably couldn’t get the vibe right
Probably couldn’t get the height right Well I’ll be coming to kill rhymers
Hair on the back of they neck stand they feeling me coming like Will Byers
She wanna get feeling from Wrek’s Hand I give her the feeling of ten divers
in the position to keg stand but I ain’t drinking no bent cider
I’m wholly sipping Mezcal smoky if you exiles know me
You should just get down lowly
This is a sentimental type of get loud
Instrumental getting Wrek’ed now
heavy metal with a hemp crown
it’d be better if you knelt down
Bend the knee and look up at the king of the castle
You see I’m clinging a satchel full of these lyrics I’ve lasso’ed
You all getting hassled bamboozled and baffled
So don’t be rolling in barrels up to the tower of Babel yeah

from Faygoluvers


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