Tha Hav-Knots’ “Tha Low Budget EP” Dropping at The Gathering!; Limited to 1000 Copies

First we announced that Big Hoodoo and ABK would be heading out on the Low Budget CD Release Tour as Tha Hav-Knots once that gets booked. Check out our original post by CLICKING HERE. If you’re a promoter and you’re interested you can hit up to book these ninjas. From the name of the tour we also assumed that they would most likely be releasing an album as part of the tour.

Then a little while later they announced Tha Low Budget EP would be dropping very soon! Check out that post by CLICKING HERE. Like I said, we only assumed the new release would go along with the new tour because of the name but apparently you can get that much earlier than we initially anticipated!

1000 copies have been pressed up and will be available for purchase at this year’s Soopa Gathering! This is their first official album release so grab a copy and bump the Knots on your ride home, killas!

from Faygoluvers


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