Mr. YUG Releases “20 Years of BANGers” Compilation; New Album Coming Late 2019

For you ninjas that have been tunneling deep into the underground for the past few years, you’re familiar with Mr. YUG. This ninja has been performing for the past 20 years and now, for the first time ever, we have a compilation of some of his best work!

20 Years of BANGers is now available for your listening pleasure. This begins back in the 90’s when he was signed to his cousin Evol’s record label Acidacide Records, all the way to his signing at Native World Inc.

It includes production from The R.O.C., Khaoz D., DJ Gruv, Stir Crazy & Mad Max 187 and features The R.O.C., 614 Villianz, ABK, B-Drake, Ikkuruz, and his original group 2Winn Gunnz with 1-Eye Bandit (RIP).

The release will also include 2 tracks from the rare, unreleased late 90’s album called “Gangsta Wayz“. Those tracks are called Gangsta Wayz (1997) & G- L.I.F.E.

The release comes with 20 tracks and can be ordered right now at by CLICKING HERE. Both physical and digital copies are available. If you order a physical copy, you’ll also receive a fresh-as-fuck BMHE Button Pin.

Check out the tracklist for that release below.

Not only is YUG releasing this compilation for you ninjas but the rest of his discography is also available right now at the same Bandcamp page! They’re have a 30% off sale right now so head over and take advantage! It’s also available on most digital platforms but some releases are still being uploaded as we speak so be patient, homies.

One last piece of news worth mentioning is that Mr. YUG is also going to be releasing his newest album titled “What They Got On Me?” later this year! Check out the cover art for that release below.

He’s also working on a brand new group with ABK called Strawmen as well as a new Krazy Klan project! That’s right, I said a brand new group with ABK called Strawmen. Get hype.

Well holy shit this ninja is definitely keeping busy. Keep your eyes peeled for more information as it drops, homies.

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