Loc Saint – “Angelix”

The highly anticipated Loc Saint album “Angelix” is officially out now!  This harmony based album is yet another first from Loc Saint music. The album features such hits as “Lifecoaster”, “Army of Angels” and “Talk To Me”.

  1. Angelix (Intro)
  2. Army Of Angels
  3. Enemy
  4. Armageddon
  5. Don’t Let Me Down
  6. Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop Out
  7. Talk To Me
  8. Loc’d Out Harmony
  9. Tragic Memories
  10. Back from the Dead
  11. Fallen
  12. Lifecoaster
  13. Angelic Messages (skit)
  14. Change the World
  15. Blessing (Outro

Listen to the album via Spotify below:

from Faygoluvers


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