Kung Fu Vampire “Premium” Clothing Line Coming Soon!

Honestly, if you read the title of the article you pretty much got all the information we have at this time but I definitely wanted to make you ninjas aware of this. Our homie Kung Fu Vampire is going to be starting up his own premium clothing line! He already schools it when it comes to the merch game so I’m pretty fucking excited to see what he’ll be bringing with this line.

For now, he’s looking for recommendations. What kinds of merchandise would you like to see come out of this clothing line? What would you sport? What would look dope? KFV contacts? KFV action figures? KFV jock straps (fuck, I want all of those now)? Hit him up on Facebook and let him know, ninjas!

Kung Fu Vampire “PREMIUM” Clothing line coming soon!👔 What kind of new merchadise would you like to see?

Posted by Kung Fu Vampire on Friday, July 5, 2019

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