Help Save a Juggalo Gathering Wedding with a Kick Ass Raffle [Details Inside!]

Juggalos, As some of you might know, we have two ninjas that have had their Gathering and wedding plans interrupted by an almost fatal work accident. Our homie (Matt Rogers) was working on a ladder at work and was accidentally electrocuted and fell from the ladder causing him injuries. Up till this point, both he and his fiance (Kayla) had their Gathering/wedding plans on lock but the injury took up all their cash reserves and now their Gathering/wedding plans are in jeopardy as it takes a few months for workers compensation to kick in.

In response, Brandon Richards and SCU are working together to put together a truly bombastic raffle opportunity so that we can raise their ticket money PLUS bring an opportunity to the Juggalo family a chance to win a great gift package. Brandon worked hard over the last couple weeks to pull together many donations from many huge-hearted ninjas.

The Raffle:

  • $10 per chance
  • Drawing will be held on Facebook Live a week before the Gathering
  • If the winner is coming to the Gathering, your winnings will be given to you there
  • If the winner IS NOT Gathering, then your loot will be mailed to you (why you not Gathering???)

Prize Pool:

  • Blue ABK bandanna
  • “WHOOP WHAT” t-shirt (2x)
  • Blue Hatchet Man hat
  • LSP necklace
  • Hatchet Man necklace
  • EZ SixoSix braclet
  • Big Ballas Xmas Santa charm
  • Mighty Death Pop patch
  • Two 8×10 customer paintings
  • Underground 4ife tour shirt (1x)
  • KreepyKitty Art shirt (1x)
  • SCUM Kill a shirt (2x)
  • Two EZ SixoSix shirt (2x)
  • 16x 20 custom painting
  • POW bracelet
  • Red and black Hatchet Man bracelet
  • Joker Card Hatchet Man necklace
  • Joker Card Hatchet Girl necklace
  • DCG Con 2018 Crew shirt (1x)
  • Replicon Radio shirt (size to be picked by winner)
  • SCU 20th annual hatpin
  • SCU 20th annual sticker
  • SCU 20th annual super cape
  • SCU 20th annual tshirt (winner pick size)
  • SCU lighter case
  • Reprint copy of all the ICP coloring books (in 3-ring binder)

Estimated over $500 bucks worth of swag and loot.

Interested in buying a raffle ticket and helping to save a Juggalo Gathering Wedding?

Send $10.00 per ticket to:

Drawing will be held via Facebook Live and winner will be announced on Brandon Richards’ and SCU’s pages. Also, we will update everyone via Faygoluvers post on who the winner is.

Thank you family for your support!!!


from Faygoluvers


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