Detroit’s Scrub Central Set To Drop HELLISH NEW EP “Creature Feature” At This Years Soopa Gathering!

The demonic Michigan duo known as Scrub Central (PreRoLL XL & Rookz) were birthed deep in the depths of the sewers somewhere below the urban decayed streets of Detroit. This location contained the sacred Undead microphone of hip-hop . Scrub Central’s musical souls somehow managed to  latch onto this sacred Undead microphone of hip-hop, awakening Scrub Central’s nightmarish journey within the underworld of hororcore for decades to come. These two ghoulish horror hounds soon started rocking underground shows across the Midwest and swiftly began developing  a cult following around the murder mitten. This lead to Scrub Central becoming officially  booked by Psychopathic Records  to rock Cannibal’s House at this years 20th Anniversary  Gathering of the Juggalos to help honor the name of our fallen Juggalo brother/hero “Cannibal”, alongside Jumpsteady and many other up and coming talents around the nation! To represent this  success Scrub Central recently announced that they will indeed by dropping a new hellish EP titled “Creature Feature” at this years Soopa Gathering! But you can still preorder “Creature Feature” from home.

From Scrub Central’s Social Media:

The New EP “Creature Feature” drops at the Gathering of the Juggalos 2019  Pre-order yours today! The Real Homie Sounds of Xtra Overdoze is featured on this #Fire EP! Every Crisp sound you hear was engineered and recorded at Murder House Records (M.H.R) by the Big Homie #Toxzik from Troubled Mindz Alot of #Blood and #sweat went into #CreatureFeature! LINK HERE:

Official Creature Feature Track-listing:

from Faygoluvers


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