Damien Quinn’s “28:06:42:12” Single Now Available!

A few days back we announced that Damien Quinn would be releasing a brand new album titled “Disorder” on July 26th. That’s going to be available on CD and on all major digital media outlets so if you’ll have access to an internet connection in the next few days you have no excuse not to hear that, homie! Check out that original announcement by CLICKING HERE.

The second last track on the album is called “28:06:42:12” and is the first single from the release. You Donnie Darko fans will get the reference.

The track was written by Damien Quinn and produced by Beatfella. Check that out below.

If you want to pre-order Disorder on CD (which I really think you should) you can do that at OfficialCultGear.com by CLICKING HERE.

Join the cult, ninjas.

from Faygoluvers


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