Wrekonize – “Halftime Medley (Freestyle)” feat. Sharpsound [Audio Only]

We made it! Halfway mark on the year of weekly’s! Had to mix it up and do a little something different with my brother Sharpsound on the decks. Hope you enjoy the vibe. We’re switching it up and doing something special for the month of July as well. More to come… – Wrekonize

LYRICS: Fresh off the road again I’m back to cheer
This is the 26th weekly it’s officially been half a year
But I’m not out here counting weeks or bars
I’m reaching for the stars
and hoping that one day I’ll have a lease on Mars
I been kicking pens across the globe
But without a gimmick they leave me like Riddick in the dark alone
But see I’m still flashing with an ill passion work ethic like I never get a meal action
Did you see them clones jaws snapping still flapping
Biting everything i do they don’t know real action
But it’s cool I let them feel blapping
they ain’t no real captain they pill packing if they feel cracking
I’m planning now to lap the whole globe
Watch me penning out my penance like I’ve severed my soul
ready to mold never said I’m ready to fold
They fake retiring I’m Lennon penning gems till I go
ahead of the cold staring at the wall where my gold
is begging me to double recipes and get him a clone
Ok then gimme all the listeners from here to Lake Michigan
Wreking Crew been mentioning a takeover eventually
Cuz I’m a beast where the beat goes I speak in unique flows
My catalog is filled with the sweet soul
Battle hard and rattle off a mantle of beat goals
And I start to cattle prod rappers for weak roles
Humana heart you have to cart coverage to keep whole
savage hard to manage when I battle just to keep dough
If you wanna be complete though you gotta speak dope
Every single letter must be heat stroke
See Benjamin been bending the tenements
To his bidding his benefit is a win for the residents
This is building resemblance sky scraping the heaven sent
I ain’t waiting for measurements give me numbers no hesitance
Bitch blow me you can ask anyone who knows me
I’m here to Emmy grammy Oscar Tony mad slowly
The general consensus is I’m real they mad phony
I’ll take it back to boom bapping wax and cracked Sony’s
If you wanna meet me back around 1994
I was learning from the greats and writing lyrics on my wall
Just a little British kid out in Florida to call
those who judged what I did I ain’t listen not at all
Fast forward two decades out trying to set grade
Loving every set played every single check paid
I’m just trying to get played they still trying to get strange
Even if they checked mate they still lose the chess game
Kings queens rooks pawns what is it all worth
walking on all turf to get to that tall perch
Dollars and laws search all of the crosswords
and now got the mall clerk thinking I’m all perp
They still trying to tell me that there ain’t a war going on
And they ain’t trying to separate us from the voting arm
I’m just hoping we invoke the bomb
And finally choke the one that’s got us out here chasing Pokemon
In closing for this half of year I’m feeling rather clear
sipping half a beer under the chandelier
That little kid from 94 is more than happy here
to have a stack to rear let alone a rap career
So if you ever repped for Wrek I’d like to thank ya
It’s hard enough to to call the bluff of life and drop the bank ta
Climb a spot they tried to lock and break it with the anchor
Here’s to 26 more bangers coming at ya


from Faygoluvers


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