Twiztid’s Rocker Anthem “Magic Spellz” Deserves Every Bit Of Success It Has Achieved! [Editorial]

If an artist doesn’t evolve and grow, creating revolutionary music is simply not possible.  Imagine one of your top tier favorite recording artist still sounding like their own poorly self-produced basement demo and never leveling up to the sounds of their break-through debut record and beyond. It would be catastrophic for our musical taste-buds and music would be as stale as that forgotten 10 year old loaf of bread at the bottom of your deep freezer.  *Shivers uncontrollably*  Thinking about that just sends chills down my spine more so than the thoughts of possible secret Aliens Wars and UFO Abductions being real.  On Friday, Mar 8, 2019 when Twiztid first dropped the angsty experimental hard rock anthem “Magic Spellz” on top of the underground, it briskly blew up like an army of Bob-omb’s exploding on the Mushroom Kingdom. “Magic Spellz” then rapidly took over the rock ‘n’ roll world by slaughtering the modern rock Billboard Charts (Generation Nightmare has been on Billboard Charts for four straight weeks and counting) and beating out band after band on FM Stations across the United States during battle of the bands voting sessions. Sirius Xm’s Octane even backed the track.  But of course the die hard Twiztid fans became divided on their feelings towards “Magic Spellz” with fans ensuing flame wars across social media. Despite that, thousands  of ninjas still latched onto “Magic Spellz” relatable emotional lyrical content and respectfully acknowledged the bravery and the creative risk Twiztid ventured into behind the single’s unique take on hard rock.

I’ll admit I  wasn’t sure of “Magic Spellz” either when it first debuted online. I coldly shrugged it off , but then astonishingly enough I found myself listening to the track over and over again as if I was stuck in a time loop on repeat. Jamie’s infectious melodic chorus and Monoxide’s bold lyrical introduction  on the track just kept repeating in my head. I then reminisced back on Twiztid’s 26 year career as musicians and it reminded me of the fact that with each record Twiztid took some sort of musical risk.  “Magic Spellz” is that musical risk contained within Generation Nightmare. Its the Detroit Duo merely finding themselves as individuals again by deciding to channel in some hard rock on our asses to let loose of those personal demons we all struggle with. And with that said, I’m amazed at what Twiztid has accomplished with “Magic Spellz” and all of “Generation Nightmare”. Every bit of success “Magic Spellz” continues to conquer is well deserved because the rock world is purely shook to the bone right now by the kick ass reality that the Demented Duo has invaded their scene, as “Generation Nightmare” continues to take over the music world even more swiftly thanks to  “Magic Spellz”. The rock Gods sure as hell didn’t expect this at all!  For now. Enjoy this fresh video! The MNE crew put a ton of heart and soul into it!


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