Sadistik – “Daisies” [Official Music Video]

Haunted Gardens out now.

Produced by Bubbymane
Cello by Luke Janela
Directed by ZeuroPoint


[Verse 1]
I’m a pit-bull with no place to go
In a pit full of the snakes below
The piss still makes the daisies grow
Put a pistol to your face and pull
I don’t listen to the radio
I don’t listen to my family
Said I’m worth my weight in gold
I never know which way to go
The drugs are overrated
Nothing’s gonna save my soul
Being sober’s overrated too
Everything is fading slow
Pitiful lackadaisical
A pitfall of these lazy bones
The piss still makes the daisies grow
Put a pistol to your face and pull

[Verse 2]
Climb my DNA ladder find a piece of gray matter
Dr Jeckyll Mr. Hyde & seek a piece of pain management
No matter where I go I know I’ll see the same patterns
Every single room’s the same some just rearrange better
When I’d pull my ugly ribs apart target practice missed the mark
Disembark disemboweled this is how I’ll kiss the stars
I’m picking flowers now I’m in a garden
Reminiscing been this way since kindergarten
Wonder why this kid’s so guarded
I don’t wanna live like this I’m guilty dehumanized
Everybody’s waiting to get euthanized
The youth in eyes got replaced with the suicide
Pacts you survived and a past that you beautified
A death sentence for the crucified
From best friends to the eulogized
Buried with the peasants putrefied
Staring at reflections you admired
Nooses tied reminding I’m dying every second I’m alive
With a lemon in my eye my fingers plucking petals on my spine
She loves me not another devil in disguise
Suck the venom from the bite asphyxiated
When that hell is in your mind fixated there’s no heaven in the sky
Just a rust metal psyche dust settled blood level rising
High tide gunmetal eyes cuz they’re blind
Look at what becomes of the mighty
Calm on the come down but nothing’s inside
Except the daisies

from Faygoluvers


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