Mac Lethal – “Single White Female” [Tom MacDonald Diss Response]

Mac Lethal said this about Tom:

A few days ago, this corny rapper named Tammy MacDogfart got in his feelings over a vague tweet I wrote. He was SO butt-hurt about this tweet, that he made an ENTIRE music video dissing me, my kids, my age, my past, my life etc.

I had no desire to spend my energy murdering this clown, but it got so out of hand that I was forced to respond and put this redneck Canadian poser in a body-bag.

This is the FIRST and LAST thing I will say about this. You can make 5000 more disses about me, but none will be acknowledged. Toughen up and get out of your feelings. Not everyone is going to like you, and you should be OK with that.

You claim everyone is too sensitive. Your fans claim everyone is too sensitive. Yet Y’ALL are the ones getting sensitive about little old me thinking you suck.

Rest In Peace Methlemore.

Beat produced by Michael “Seven” Summers

This is in response to Tom MacDonald’s diss track here:


from Faygoluvers


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