Kuma’s Group “Escape Driver” Releases First Single/Music Video “Run”; New Album Coming This Fall

You ninjas know that normally we don’t write a news post about every single new music video being released. We do try to get them all into our video section though. This is a different story.

A few days ago we announced that longtime Psychopathic Records producer Kuma had started a new music group with a ninja named Jonny Fate called “Escape Driver.” Check out that original post HERE. Their first single and music videoRun” was being released on Friday at 12:00pm and as I write this now it’s Friday at 1:27pm so we have that new single or ya, ninjas!

As I stated in my previous post, this music is not the wicked shit but it’s pretty fuckin’ good and it definitely showcases both of these ninjas amazing music skills.

You can find the new single on pretty much every digital outlet.

Check out the music video which was written, edited, produced and directed by Escape Driver below and leave a comment letting us know what you think, homies!

We also have to bring up that in the info section of the video itself it’s stating that “Run” is taken from the upcoming albumNo Fate” to be released digitally and on vinyl, Fall 2019! Even more to look forward to! Keep your eyes peeled for more info on that once it becomes available.

“I wanna run baby, run baby, run. Until I come undone.”

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