Gorilla Pimp wins Demo Jams; Will Perform on Main Stage @ the Soopa Gathering!

This year’s edition of Demo Jams has been underway for MONTHS, and tonight we heard the epic conclusion!  The Juggalo Show was nearly 3 hours long, but they covered a lot of ground, and of course finished with the new Demo Jams champion for 2019!

It was a tight race, and the final contestants came down to Problemattik, and Gorilla Pimp….two monsters on the mic!  In the end, the 4 ninjas in studio decided the fate of these two artists, and after a closed ballot, it was Gorilla Pimp who was victorious!

The stakes have never been higher, so to win this year was a truly huge accomplishment!  You can catch Gorilla Pimp at this year’s Gathering Of The Juggalos performing on the main stage!  As a matter of fact, before Demo Jams had gotten along too far, Problemattik already had a spot booked at the Gathering…just not on main stage. So whatever way you were leaning, you can see both in just under 2 months at Shimmer Forest!

Check out tonight’s full episode of the Juggalo Show below:

If you’d like to hear more from Gorilla Pimp, check out his track “Who You” below:

Find out more about him at Facebook.com/GorillaPimpBMA!

If you dug what Problemattik brought to the table, take a listen to “Matthew 5:38” here:

Find out more about Problemattik at Facebook.com/Problemattik!

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