Details for the Soopa Gathering Scavenger Hunt!

OK ninjas, we’re only about 6 weeks away from the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos, and that means details are being finalized not only for official Gathering events, but unofficial and equally as fresh ones!

One of those events is the Juggalo Scavenger Hunt which has had some amazing prizes in years’ past!  That will absolutely not change this year as there are some crazy dope winnings in the works!

So, what is the Scavenger Hunt, and how do you win?  I have some info from the PGT Crew who is running the hunt, so rather than try to put it into my own words, here’s everything known so far, straight from PGT:

How it works: Locate the PGT campsite to sign up. If you are not on the sign-up sheet at the end of the game, then you played for nothing. You MUST sign up to be eligible to win. YOU create an album for photos on your phone for the event. The weekend before the Gathering is to start, we will release the FULL list of people to find. There will be a name, photo, and maybe a small clue to make it easier for you to find them. This event is set for Thursday and Friday. Any photos you take before or after that day will NOT COUNT! You have to give everyone time to make it there, get in, get set up, and get settled.

To win: You must report to the PGT campsite where you started. We will then read off the list out loud. If you have that person on your list, say “I have”. We will give you time to find the photo. If you have it, we will mark you down as having it, if you do not, then we will mark you down as not having it. Those with the most people captured will be entered into the drawing for the top prize.

How are the prizes awarded: Let’s use the following for example. If 100 people enter to play, and you found anywhere between 75 and 100 people, then you will be entered into the 1st place prize pool. 50 to 74 people, you get entered into the 2nd place prize pool, and of course, 25 through 49 people and you get entered into the prize for 3rd place. To everyone else… oooppps, you should have tried harder. The deadline to have your submissions in will be Saturday afternoon sometime. That info is yet to come. The give away will either happen at our campsite. (PGT, where you signed up to play), or at the seminar tent. Provided Psychopathic lets us use it again. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!!!! Completing the hunt is not enough. That only gets you into the drawing. The prizes will be on hand and must be claimed in person. So if we draw your name, and you are not there, then we will draw another name. If you entered this and worked hard to compete, then do not let your lack of attendance, stop you from claiming your prize.

How to check in our photos: When you stop by PGT to sign up, we will have a list of all of the names to find printed out on sheets of paper. As you are signing up we will put your name on said piece of paper. When you come to check in your photos. (all at once or by just stopping by randomly), you can go through your phone showing us the “captured” that you have so far. We will then mark those names off of your list. Then, when the hunt is over, we will use your sign-in sheet to be your submission into the drawing for the prizes. So even if you find them ALL. You still have to be lucky enough to get your sheet drawn from the drawing. Best of luck!

A list of the prizes will be coming soon. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place drawing.

To view details and updates about the rules, prizes, and more, check out the official Juggalo Scavenger Hunt Facebook Page!

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