Dead Baby Ouija Macc Figurines Now Available! But They’re Not Cheap

Psychopathic Records very own Ouija Macc has really been on the grind when it comes to his merch game. From his Lazy and Crazy products to his unique shirt designs, his webstore is always worth taking a look at.

Now available for the first time (and possibly last time) Ouija is selling Dead Baby Ouija Figurines! These are 3D printed figurines of the Ouija Baby taken from the Gutterwater cover art. They’re also glow-in-the-dark and hand painted by Mr. Macc himself! The black paint used to paint the figurines contains ink from Ouija’s lyric pens.

Every Dead Baby is unique and hand numbered. Only 17 are in existence, so collectors, jump on that!

I’m not sure if this is true or not, but apparently the red hue was achieved by a secret mixture containing the actual blood of Ouija Macc. So don’t eat the figurine, y’all.

As stated in the title of the article, these babies are not cheap. This ain’t no $39.95 shit. No, just one is gonna run you $333.33!

If you have that extra coin you can grab one right now at by CLICKING HERE.

Check out the video of Ouija displaying his babies from his personal Facebook page below.

These bitches almost ugly as me! I put my blood & my lyric pen ink in the paint I used to hand paint & number these little bastards!! They have glow in the dark skulls on their braids & are 3d printed from glow in the dark material!!! oh & they expensive!

Posted by Ouioui Allen on Sunday, June 23, 2019

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