The Soopa Gathering Infomercial Will Drop TODAY @ 9 PM EST!

As I said in our last post, we may have seen the last of our daily Gathering performer revelations.  But this is not due to some unforeseen bone, it’s because we will have the complete Soopa Gathering Infomercial droppin into our laps today at 9 PM EST!  That’s like 18 hours from the time I’m typing this!

Not only will you see all of the artists, events, and acts that have been revealed already, but we’ll hear about EVERY ARTIST, including some MASSIVE flavor that Psychopathic has been waiting to announce!  I am in the dark about it all too, so I’ll be sitting online clicking refresh tomorrow night with the rest of you!  Here’s the official announcement…


The 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos presents your INFOMERCIAL HOSTS…Soopa Ninja and Captain Juggalo! Want to know the FULL LINEUP of the Gathering? Soopa Ninja and Captain Juggalo will be delivering the FULL DETAILS with all artists and performers for this year’s epic 20th Annual GOTJ! Tune in tomorrow, Sunday the 26th, at 9pm EST to find out! It’s Memorial Day Weekend and we are starting the summer off the right way–the Juggalo Way! All will be revealed!

Set your cell phone alarms and get ready to get your wigs flipped!  I mean just look at these hookups:

Click to enlarge!

from Faygoluvers


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