Speakin’ Easy Interviews Demi Demaree (formerly of the Villebillies)

Our homies from the Speakin’ Easy Podcast hit us up about an interview that they just conducted with former Villebillies frontman: Demi Demaree!  One of the podcast’s hosts, Tuck, formed the Villebillies in the early 2000s with Demi, so they had a ton to talk about!  Demi was on the show for two hours, and the conversation is captivating!

If you’re unfamiliar with Demi, this is a good place to start.  We’ve also got his latest EP embedded on the bottom of this post!  But first, check the interview below.

From Speakin’ Easy Podcast @ Stitcher:

On episode 60 we had an epic conversation with Demi Demaree. We talked in depths about Villebillies, him beating stage 4 lymphoma, his latest Ipcus Pinecone Project and a ton more. But really, no description could do it justice. 

You can hear the first Ipcus Pinecone EP here:

from Faygoluvers


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