New Gathering Info about Shimmer Forest [from a venue employee]

If you’re a Gathering vet, or planning your first trip to the Gathering of the Juggalos, and you’re not a part of the Gathering Facebook Group, then you’re already not gathering right.  This group is NOT official, nor is it sanctioned by anyone at Psychopathic Records.  However, it DOES have 32,000+ members, and you never know who is on there looking for feedback and suggestions!

Someone named Maelene Grenat started a post there with what looks to be some valuable info!  I believe they are an employee there, but regardless, it sounds like they know what they’re talking about.  This isn’t just for first-time gatherers either. Check the post below so that you can start to plan your trip!

From the Gathering of the Juggalos FB Group:

Here is some info on the new property for the gathering….. We have heated showers in air conditioned building BUT with a lot of use the heaters dont have time to heat up so using it in the early am hours or very late at night is always good. Although there will be lots of port o pots we do have several block house pottys that are great with lights and are big enough for handicapped persons or people with wheel chairs. Although we dont have a lot of issues with mosquitoes for our rally ( the week before this ) we DO have CHIGGERS. So if you are going to lay / sit in the grass be prepared and bring some clear nail polish to kill them or you will itch like a bitch all weekend. There are TICKS and tiny ones at that. so bring some spray for that and check your self. Its bound to rain so bring extra shoes and towels etc. put tarping over your tents to keep bedding dry. The map is a little deceiving everything to the bottom and left is down a BIG hill. Ride the trolly or if walking is an issue camp in Fury woods area or superballs camp or drainer road. these areas are on the same level as the main stage and merch areas. Be prepared that there may NOT be a parking lot party as the parking in INSIDE the grounds. Looks like ICP is going to use the radio station so bring a small radio with you to keep up on whats happening. tune to WTNA 88.5 At the corner of ST Rd 37 at Juda there are 2 gas stations a dollar store and some other stuff the little gas station that sits by its self on the west side of the road has GREAT hot foods. Both Bloomington and Bedford have not only food gas etc but both have Walmarts. Watch your speed on your way in. It is a curvy up and down road and the Cops WILL be out on the roads watching. Long as you abide by all driving laws you should be FINE. Dont mess up your gathering by going to jail before you even get there. If you purchased a shelter and want to know more about it let me know or if you are trying to decide where to camp i can give you insight. Happy gathering.

A lot of those suggestions are good for ANY outdoor excursion, but can definitely be overlooked. Take some notes, put some of those things on your shopping list, and get ready to GATHER!

from Faygoluvers


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