Myzery drops new video for “Psycho”; Releases snippet for “Don’t Make Me Angry” cypher!

Our homie Hodge, who has been our Myzery / Spanish side insider for years, hit us with a new email chock full of flavor!  He gives us a press release for the brand new Myzery music video for the track “Psycho” featuring the Spanish Side, and spoke of a track that may have slipped by you if you didn’t get the Demon Angel album.

The track is called “Don’t Make Me Angry”, and an alternate version is soon to surface featuring a who’s who of underground talent!  Hodge provided us with a minute-long snippet of the track which you can hear at the end of this article!

First, peep the press release:


In this season of rappers gifting their audience with a steady stream of noteworthy hip hop cyphers, one Psychopathic Original has been sitting on his own psypher, just waiting for the right moment to dig up this piece of unexploded ordnance.  First, think back to the 2017 Hallowicked compilation album.  That album was full of gems, but it was Myzery & The Spanish Side that offered up what was arguably the most commanding joint, in the form of “Psycho”.  While this song will stay everlasting, due to its rightful place in the Hallowicked lore, it’s been paroled once again.  Except for this time, it’s being packaged with the proper visual presentation to really give it justice.  And yeah, Myzery videos are often few and far between, but the Team has recently paired up with an industry known videographer, whose mission is laser-focused to get this man seen…and NOW!

The outcome, well, you’ll have to judge for yourself, but we’re pretty confident that this video bonded seamlessly to a song that really manhandles its unsettling title- “Psycho”.  No guesswork here, no hidden meanings or messages either.  It’s just Myzery and his team of street hardened emcees, mercilessly ripping shit up for the brand new video.

Enjoy, and if you think this psypher was worthy of your time, stay tuned, because word on the streets is that Myzery’s most stacked psypher ever…might just finally see the light of day.  The rumor surfaced after a few fine-tuned ears noticed Myzery’s standout track “Don’t Make Me Angry” track (from last year’s Demon Angel album) showcased on the soundtrack of a new Goldeneye style shooter called “Couch Party Game Night” (on the Steam video game service).  Except this time the track hosted an All Star lineup of guest emcees.  This psypher version has since vanished (although a Myzery banner still exists within gameplay), but, exactly what did its limited time presence mean?  It’s not often that our Psychopathic OG’s are found hosting cyphers like this, and when we do see them, they are more than often stacked with underground spittaz or those linked to the Hatchet Universe in some fashion.

Not here though, this song contains bars from way outside the Underground property line, to include appearances from- the frontman of a seminal 90’s group (“93 til infinity”), a true Boston Legend (Da Bulldogs and Special Teamz), a celebrated West Coast lyricist (alongside MURS/The Living Legends & 3 Melancholy Gypsies), Slaine (nuff said!), and a Godfather of the Wicked shit!  When/where will this track officially be released?  More to come on that!  In the meantime, enjoy the “Psycho” video and this snippet from the “Don’t Make Me Angry” remix.

Peep the all new music video for “Psycho” featuring Spanish Side here:

Also, as promised, here’s a snippet from the “Don’t Make Me Angry” cypher:

Don't Make Me Angry (snippet)

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